Cappadocia Region Tours

Cappadocia Region Tours

Cappadocia Regional Tours

Cappadocia Region is home to thousands of years of history and natural beauties. There are dozens of different places to visit and see in this region. Tourism regions are often famous for a prominent feature, structure, or experience. Hen’s people show interest in these regions. Although Cappadocia is known all over the world for its fairy chimneys, there are hundreds of organically clustered tourism elements here.

In terms of hosting many features at the same time, we can say that it is a tourism region with everything in one place. Considering that there are many different activities held in these places, you can be sure that a Cappadocia trip will be more colorful and fuller of life than imagined. One of the activities that will contribute most to this situation is regional tours. Cappadocia region tours are tours that classify the places that must be seen by those who travel here, based on location. These tours are organized in 3 different categories according to the location of the places to visit. In the form of red, green, and blue zone tours.

Cappadocia Regional Tours

Cappadocia Region Tours: Red Zone Tour

In the red zone tour usually, Uchisar Castle – Goreme Open Air Museum – Love Valley – Cavusin Village Ruins – Avanos Ceramic & Pottery Workshop – Devrent Valley (Imagination Valley) – Urgup Fairy Chimneys (Three Beauties) and Wineries are included. Within the scope of the tour, the first departure from the hotels is around 09:00 in the morning. The first stop is Uchisar Castle. Here guides give information about the castle. Afterward, there is a break for a photoshoot under and around the castle.

The second stop is the Goreme Open Air Museum, one of the most iconic and famous places in the region. Here, narrations are made in rock churches. After that, photoshoots take place. In addition, it is possible to see very old chapels of the history of Christianity in the open-air museum. These chapels were built by carving the rocks. In addition, the monastery where the Orthodox took shelter to escape from the Roman invasion is also here.

The frescoes that have survived despite all the time spent in churches and chapels offer visitors the opportunity to travel in history. In addition, after the Open-Air Museum, the Valley of Lovers is visited. Cappadocia region tours continue. Traveling in history is a key feature of this tour. At the 3rd stop, you pass to the village of Cavusin, an old Greek village. This is one of the oldest settlements in the region.

Red Tour Cappadocia
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3rd Stop

It takes almost 3-4 hours to complete all 3 stops. Of course, after all this time, people become hungry during the tour. Lunch is usually eaten in Avanos on Red Tours. There are good restaurants in Avanos where you can find local delicacies. The tour continues with lunch, usually at a cave restaurant. After the meal, a tour of Avanos begins. Avanos is a town that has lived since the Hittite civilization. pottery workshops of Avanos district, especially Cappadocia It is famous for.

In this region, unique works of pottery art are revealed with the soils excavated from the Kızılırmak bed. During the trip to Avanos, these pottery workshops are visited.
At the next stop, you go to Imagination Valley, also known as Devrent Valley, which is famous for its rock shapes that look like they came out of a human hand to make a visual show. The very different rock forms in this valley reveal how nature left its mark with its thousands of years of dance.

The entire trip covers an average distance of 30 km. At the last stop, we go to Urgup. Here, the Fairy Chimneys, the most important element of the region, are visited. While visiting the fairy chimneys, there is a break for photoshoots. When the Fairy Chimneys tour is completed, we go to one of the wine houses to taste wine and see a few of the Cappadocia wineries.

Cappadocia Regional Tours
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Cappadocia Region Tours: Green Zone Tour

The first stop of the Cappadocia Regional Tours green zone tour is the panoramic viewpoint of Goreme. Here you can watch Goreme with all its details. It is possible to record the harmony between a settlement and ancient cave structures, as well as thousands of years old fairy chimneys. After the guides give information about the history and culture of Goreme, you can take your souvenir photos and move on to the second stop.

Derinkuyu Underground City

At the second stop, there is Derinkuyu Underground City, which fascinates all its visitors. This underground city is like a skyscraper rising into the depths of the earth. Yes, I say skyscraper because its depth is exactly 55 meters, and it consists of 8 layers. Within these layers, some areas meet the different needs of life, from the church to the school, from the barn to the water wells. This is one of the cities that is suitable for living underground. Because there are even capillary ventilation ways. One cannot help but wonder how such a good engineering product came into existence in the very old times of history. At the second stop of the tour, this level of discovery impresses you.

Cappadocia Green Tour
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Ihlara Valley

Expectations remain quite high after the Derinkuyu underground city visit. At the point that will meet these expectations, the 3rd tour goes to Ihlara Valley. Ihlara Valley is an open-air museum-like excursion area that the whole world talks about with respect. You may think that the image quality of a movie you watch suddenly increases while you are traveling in this valley. Because with its clean air, the feeling of blur that your eyes are accustomed to will be completely removed here.

Ihlara Valley not only fascinates you with its natural beauties but also witnesses a historical beauty with the Agacaltı Church. After you visit the Agacaltı Church, you continue to walk along the Melendiz River. This walk is 4 km. covers a distance. Although this distance may seem long at first glance, you will have a hard time understanding how it ended. Because with the flow of the water of the Melendiz River, your journey will continue by following the richness of the trees in the Ihlara Valley. At the end of the journey, you will reach a historical village called Belisırma. In Belisırma Village, we take a break for lunch at boutique restaurants built on the river.

Cappadocia Region Tours: Green Zone Tour Part 2

The first stop after lunch is the 4th stop of the tour, which is a monastery. Selime Monastery. This monastery, which was also used as a school for missionaries and Christians, is also known as a cathedral. It’s a great place to take good pictures with the bohemian look carved into a rock. Here, after the transfer of information about the history of the Monastery is done by professional guides, it is passed to the other station.

According to the season, probably towards sunset, at the 5th stop, Pigeon Valley is located. As the name suggests, this valley takes its name from the rocks where pigeons nest. Pigeon Valley is one of the places where you can’t get enough of the fairy chimneys.
At the last stop, we go to Onyx workshops. In this last stop of the green tour, which ends in the evening, precious stones in the region are processed. The tour ends after the guides give information about the formation of these stones.

Cappadocia Tuff Stones
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Cappadocia Region Tours: Blue Zone Tour

The first stop of the Cappadocia blue zone tour is Mustafa Pasha Old Greek Town. This town was a village where Orthodox Greeks lived until the population exchange of 1924. It is said that there were close to 700 stone houses here until that time. However, Sinasos Village, formerly known as an open-air museum, has quite a lot of stone structures.

The architectural abilities of the people living in this village are also evident from the structure of the houses. According to a rumor, masons from Syria and Mardin lived here. 93 different stone houses and around 30 chapels and churches stand as concrete proof that talented architects lived in this village. In addition, while visiting dozens of churches made of caves and stone structures in this village, you will also see the Ottoman work of Mehmet Sakir Pasha Madrasa. You can also see the mansion in this village, where the legendary TV series called Asmalı Konak was filmed and gave its name to the series.

At the 2nd stop, it is passed to the Keslik Monastery. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Blue Zone tour is mainly based on the historical region. Keslik monastery is one of the most remarkable places of this historical journey. In addition, this monastery is a structure consisting of two separate churches, Ayazma, a cafeteria, and a winery belonging to the early Christian period. Keslik Monastery is one of the best examples of monasteries founded by people who wanted to live a comfortable religious life by escaping from Roman persecution at the end of the 3rd century.

3rd Stop.

At this stop, you can pass to the Sobesos Excavation area. During the excavation of this ancient city, which is still ongoing, stones and structures that shed light on history have been discovered over the years. In this excavation area, you can observe what kind of an archeological process the structures you are visiting have reached you.

At the 4th stop of the Cappadocia blue zone tour route, you go to the Soganlı Valley, another important valley of Cappadocia. Soganlı Valley is a valley that spreads over a 25 km long canyon within the borders of Yesilhisar district. In addition, this valley, which contains 15 churches, became an important settlement during the Byzantine period. Soganli Valley, which is likened to Ihlara Valley in terms of its natural beauties, is in a location worth seeing, which deserves the region tour.
On such a beautiful valley tour, lunch at the region’s good restaurants before continuing to the routes again. After lunch, we go to a fascinating spot.

Kaymakli Underground City.

At the 5th stop, Kaymaklı Underground city is visited. This is a huge city consisting of 8 floors and more than 50 thousand people lived at the time. It is impossible not to be enchanted while visiting such a big city 100 meters underground. Then, even though you go down to such depth, there is no breathing problem.

This situation amazes people with the engineering intelligence used in the ventilation of this place. Churches, cemeteries, traces of life thousands of years ago are waiting for you in this underground city.
The Cappadocia blue zone tour finally ends with Ortahisar Castle. This castle is in Ortahisar town and is known as the biggest fairy chimney in the region. After the guides tell the history and story of this castle, your tour is complete. Hotel transfer takes place after that

Cappadocia Region Tours Price

Our Cappadocia region tour price is 400 TL. This price includes guide service, archaeological site, and museum entrance fees, meals and refreshments during the tour, and all transfer services.

How Can I Join Cappadocia Region Tours?

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