Room 605 Premium King Suite with Turkish Bath

Bed: 3 single + 2 sofa

Max:  5 People

Room 605

A room this size, we would assume, was resided by a family of wealth. The bedroom to the right was also used as a sitting/sleeping room.  Original cave structure keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter time.

The walls were cleaned by using a hammer resembling a geologist’s pick. The rough surfaces help the oxidization process which allows the stone to harden. A smooth surface would tend to collect moisture and cause flaking. This is the way the walls were done hundreds of years ago. You will also notice holes bored into ceilings of all bathrooms and some other rooms. These enhance air circulation which is necessary in preservation of the cave surfaces. Without ventilation moisture would collect and the walls and ceilings would deteriorate. The bed, desk, closet doors and windows frames were made on site. Stones were also sized on site.


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