Habitación 502 Classic Suite

Bed: 2 single or 1 double

Max:  2 People

Habitación 502

Hello you are now entering the basement of what was once a three story home. The bedroom was a stable and utility room. The bathroom served as a granary and hay. The back room was the utility room where wine was made. The winery is on the right wall as you enter the room. The well we assume would be for water storage or a heck of a lot of wine. The holes on the side walls of the well anchored the “pulley”, brace used to haul water from the well. İn the back end there is a stairway leading to the next floor.  The stairway could not be used as they were not up to modern standards. The second floor eating and cooking area and though there was no real evidence we assume the sleeping quarters were on top floor.

The walls were cleaned by using a hammer resembling a geologists pick. The rough surfaces help the oxidization process which allows the stone to harden. A smooth surface would tend to collect moisture and cause flaking. This is the way the walls were done hundreds of years ago. You will also notice holes bored into ceilings of all bathrooms and some other rooms. These enhance air circulation which is necessary in preservation of the cave surfaces. Without ventilation moisture would collect and the walls and ceilings would deteriorate. The bed, desk, closet doors and windows frames were made on site. Stones were also sized on site.

Construction started in October 2009. Standing at the bottom of the stairs the area to left of the restaurant, the restaurant and reception buildings as well as all the rooms accessible via the stairs and extending all the way to the right were completed and ready for opening in February 2011. The areas above the main patio level and to left of the restaurant were faced during the same interval. At one time there were 70 workers on site.


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